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You can hire us to transport or you can transport the equipment yourself. You don’t need a roof rack. As long as your roof is at least 3.5’ wide (not too rounded), almost any vehicle can transport a boat with our car top kit (foamies and ropes) for $5/trip. If you don't have secure places to tie too, we rent hood loop sets for $3/trip as well.

It's a good idea to use a vehicle that is suited for logging road travel: lots of clearance, good tires, a good spare with the tools needed to change tires, and always have a full tank of gas when venturing into the wilderness.

We are not responsible for damage to your vehicle from transporting the equipment.

A safe way to tie a watercraft to a vehicle using foam blocks. At Mitchell's, we use ropes instead of webbing, but the technique is identical.

***KEEP IN MIND*** the public is not permitted to use most logging roads 6 am to 6 pm weekdays. The logging roads are open to the public on weekends.

Lois Lake and Haslam lake always have open access.

To know where you can go and how to use the roads, you can purchase the "Weyerhaeuser TFL39 Block 1 Upper Sunshine Coast Recreation Map" for $5.00.  Email: or call 1-877-817-8669.

You can also monitor the current road use here or call the automated 24/7 Road Access Hotline at 1-604-485-3132.

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Car Topping your SUP - Photo Courtesy of Cascadia

Car Topping your SUP - Photo Courtesy of Cascadia