Banner Photography courtesy of Kurt Klischuk



SOLOING or have an ODD NUMBER OF PEOPLE in your group?

We have a super unique 15’6” solo canoe (built with the central seat & tumblehome hull) with a foot controlled rudder.

Soloing Lois Lake - Photo by Kurt Klischuk

You do not have to know solo strokes.

You can do a consistent forward stroke (faster).

Also, it is a Jensen design; will keep up with most tandem canoes.

It has a removable yoke for solo portaging and  it is only 52 lbs.

Clipper Solitude Canoe

It's fun for the group to take turns soloing

    Time    Solitude

1 day      $100

2 day      $140

3 day      $175

4 day      $205

5 day      $230

All rentals are per calendar day (not 24 hrs)

CANOE RENTAL INCLUDES: 1 PFD with whistle, 1 paddle, throw bag (for emergencies-not to be uncoiled), bow line, bailer, and a spare paddle

We highly recommend you take a Satellite Tracking/Messaging Device when soloing

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