Powell River has a hut-to-hut hiking trail that was open for its first official season in 1999. Work began on this trail in 1992, by the non-profit society Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society.

Thanks to the PRPAWS and numerous other volunteers, tourists have another outdoor adventure to conquer. This 180 km trek starts at Sarah Point (past Lund) and ends at Saltery Bay.

It’s twice as long as Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail

Sarah Point


When you want to combine the SCTrail with the canoe route we can meet you at prearranged places/times to give you (or take away) canoes and paddle gear. We typically combine this with giving you re-supply kits (you left with us prior to your adventure) and holding unneeded gear for you during your paddling adventure.

We also rent hiking gear.


Sunshine Coast Trail Map

The views from the Gwendoline Hills and Tin Hat Mountain are breathtaking. You will enjoy the waterfalls through Appleton Canyon and eventually reach a cypress log cabin at Confederation Lake built for public use. You will also see fabulous old growth trees, rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, bridges, and parks. You will accomplish alpine ridge walks and valley descents. This trail also has great fishing and swimming opportunities throughout.

Currently on this trail are two restaurants, one hotel, three bed & breakfasts, and many hut. You can choose to do the whole trail, or tailor its length and level of difficulty.

The Sunshine Coast Trail’s northern section is open all year, but the southern, mountainous sections are covered in snow, until late spring. Click here for a breakdown of different sections to combine with the canoe route, and for current trail conditions click here.

This SCT blog has great details for the Mowat Bay to Lang Bay portion of the SCTrail.

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