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Reservation requires a VISA or MASTERCARD for cancellation purposes.


Cancellations made:

  • 29 - 7 day prior to departure date will be charged half of the total rental amount (minimum $100)
  • 6 days prior & during the trip are not subject to any refund.

Cancellations must be in writing.

NO EXCEPTIONS - There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.

A mushroom - by Stan Fishburn

We require a signed VISA or MASTERCARD imprint for damage deposit upon pick-up of rental equipment.


You are responsible for returning rented equipment in clean, working condition. A sponge is sent with each watercraft to assist with this task. If we are required to clean or repair rented equipment you will be responsible for all costs. Rates for cleaning and repair are $60 per hour with a $30 minimum, plus the cost of parts and materials. You will be charged the full retail value for lost, stolen or destroyed rental equipment.


Mitchell's is counting on you to return the equipment at the originally scheduled time. If you don't, it puts significant inconvenience and stress on us and ruins the next renters adventure.

Late returns will be charged $125 per watercraft for each day late plus 10% of the total rental fee.

RESCUE / FINDING SERVICE FEES - $150.00 per hour

We strive to meet your needs as soon as possible, therefore, a $100 minimum fee applies as rescue / finding / emergency message services are unscheduled events.