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Touring or Recreational Necky Polymer Kayaks

In touring we rent the: single Narpa and Looksha IV and double Amaruk

Touring Kayaks have two cargo hatches and a long hull for distance paddling.

Paddling Nanton in the Amaruk

18’ NECKY AMARUK DOUBLE - a shorter and sleeker double with good stability and ample room for cargo. A very dry boat with four flotation compartments.

Keowee Kayak paddling Myrtle Point

In recreational we rent the: single Keowee by Perception and double Manitou II

Recreational kayaks have more open cockpits, less cargo hatches and a shorter hull for paddling around one area/bay.

A popular rental with our lightweight 9' kayaks is for big motor boat owners to bring them on board during their time in Desolation to explore all the Sounds nook n crannies.

9’ KEOWEE - sits solidly in the water, turns in a wink, and tracks well. Compact, with a roomy 39’x17’ cockpit; foot pegs and optional child seat. 36 Ibs. Great for beaches or lake shore fun. A convenient day trip boat.

  time    single  double  keowee

1 day      $  75      $125      $  50

2 day      $115      $165      $  90

3 day      $150      $200      $125

4 day   $180    $230     $155

5 day      $205      $255      $180

All rentals are per calendar day (not 24 hrs)

We also rent a chart of Desolation Sound in a waterproof case for $5 / day

KAYAK RENTAL INCLUDES: 1 (single) or 2 (double) PFDs, spray skirt(s), paddles, throw bag (for emergencies only-not to be uncoiled), paddle float, bilge pump



REMEMBER* The easiest way to damage a boat is by dragging it up on shore or loading it on shore.

Kayaking in Mowat Bay with Canadian Geese